DataCamp is a great tool to learn introductory R and Python in a data-oriented way. It provides free introductory courses and shorter courses specific to packages such as ggplot. This is a great supplement for those who would like to learn more at their own pace, and a nice substitute when you cannot make our workshops!

Swirl – R Tutorial

This coming year we will be diversifying our lesson plans. With this diversification, less time will be spent on R. To partially make up this we would like to introduce our members to Swirl. Swirl is a great interactive R tutorial that several past and present Executive Board members have used and highly recommend.


DSC recognizes that our membership is rather diverse and although we would like to help everyone achieve their employment goals during their final years at USC, we cannot. That is why we bring in help.
YouTheAdvisor is a great resource for anyone looking to get into the fields of consulting and advisory.

Excel Tutorial

We will have several Excel tutorials throughout the year that will require introductory knowledge. DSC recommends getting a head start with Excel through Excel Easy

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