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Since data science is a fairly new field, it can be hard to determine which classes are relevant to your interests. But DSC is here to help you! A former DSC Co-President has compiled a collection of “Yelp” reviews of courses that are related to Data Science at USC. These experiences serve to help guide other students who may be lost in determining which courses could help prepare them for Big Data!


Background story, how the guides are organized, and general tips about finding relevant courses for your career interests.

Part 1/3 – Statistics Courses

BUAD 310, BISC 305, CSCI 567, ECON 317, ECON 318, ECON 419, HP 340, ISE 220, ISE 225, ITP 251, MATH 114, MATH 307/308, MATH 407/408, MATH 447, PM 522ab

Part 2/3 – Programming Courses

CSCI 567, CSCI 572, CSCI 548, CSCI 648, DSO 428, DSO 499, ISE 529, ITP 115, ITP 250, MATH 467, PM 511abc, PM 520, PM 591, POIR 599, POSC 499

Part 3/3 – Specialized Electives and Communication Courses

ECON 474, CSCI 544, HP 350, HP 370, ITP 350, OT 310, WRIT 340

We have also compiled a list of courses and programs that teach specifically about applied statistics, computing, and data analysis.


Mathematics Department

(Introductory Level)
MATH 307:  Statistical Inference and Data Analysis I
MATH 308: Statistical Inference and Data Analysis II

(Intermediate Level)
MATH 407: Probability Theory
MATH 408: Mathematical Statistics

(Advanced Level)
MATH 506: Stochastic Processes
MATH 542L: Analysis of Variance and Design

Business / Data Science and Operations Department
*formerly Information and Operations Management (IOM)

For Marshall students, USC lists Marshall elective courses based on category, including one for its DSO department. Those are further split up into areas of interest and can be found here. Note that if you choose to take a class from one area of interest, you are not required to take the others and therefore can pick and choose the classes that interest you the most!

(Introductory Level)
BUAD 310: Applied Business Statistics
BUAD 425: Data-Analysis for Decision Making
DSO 401: Business Information Systems — Spreadsheet Applications

(Intermediate Level)
DSO 424: Business Forecasting
DSO 435: Business Database Systems

Economics Department

(Introductory Level)
ECON 317: Introduction to Statistics for Economists

(Intermediate Level)
ECON 414: Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 419: Forecasting/Advanced Econometrics
ECON 433: Empirical Economics Research

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