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Fall 2017 Semester:

Guest Speaker: Tony Lin from Boeing

When: Wednesday, September 27th 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Where: JFF LL125

Event page:

ASC is proud to announce that guest speaker Tony Lin from Boeing will be coming to give a talk and host a networking session afterwards. Dinner will be provided!

*** Please note that this is a guest speaker/networking event and therefore is for PAID MEMBERS ONLY. If you’d you like to sign up for paid membership, instructions on how to do so can be found at

Statistical analyses can be used to solve a wide variety of real world problems but can also lead to spectacularly bad mistakes. In this talk, Professor Tony Lin draws on his 21 years of experience in the aerospace industry to illustrate how to avoid common pitfalls in statistics, and what can be achieved when statistical analyses are done properly. Among other topics, he will show how statistical analyses saved NASA $950M on the International Space Station, how a simple statistical analysis might have helped NASA avoided a $328 million error on a mission to Mars, and how statistical analyses helped Target corporation figure out a teen girl was pregnant before her father knew..

Tony Lin has a PhD in Statistics from Uc Berkeley and an MBA from USC. He has worked as a full-time statistician at the Boeing corporation for 21 years, where is a Boeing Technical Fellow and Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Tony has also taught business statistics part time at USC for 17 years.


Spring 2017 Semester:




Information Session


R Workshop: Introduction to R


Guest Speaker: Louis Ciadella from ZipRecruiter


Social Night


R Workshop: ggplot2

Data Science of Partisanship: Guest Speaker James Lo

February 28th, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

VKC 261

Come on out to learn how data analysis is done in political science from very own Professor James Lo! His talk, entitled “Latent Traits in the Social Sciences”, will provide an overview of how political scientists think about and learn from latent traits. Latent traits are hidden variables that explain a broader set of behavior, such as SAT scores or political ideology. He will discuss what we can say about political polarization in the US, how we might measure it statistically, and what we can learn from these measures. Other uses of these models include applications to Twitter data and text data from Japanese campaign manifestos.

FREE Pasta w/Garlic Rolls from Pasta Roma will be provided! (For ASC paid members only!)

Winning Data Science Competitions: Guest Speaker Jeong-Yoon Lee

March 1st, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Come listen to a talk presented by Conversion Logic’s Jeong-Yoon Lee! Dr. Lee has won multiple international and prestigious data science competitions and now works for ConversionLogic, a marketing analysis company rivaling google analytics for huge customers such as Microsoft and Boeing. He is coming to Applied Statistics Club to offer his knowledge and advice on winning data science competitions, and also to recruit data science interns for the summer. This will offer valuable insight into the world of data science and machine learning, and the process for building award winning models!

Networking opportunity: Conversion Logic is looking for data science interns, so be sure to bring your resumes! Because this is a networking/guest speaker event, it is for paid members only. If you’d like to become a paid member, please venmo @USCAppliedStatsClub $20 or click on the membership tab above for more options.

Marketing Analytics in Entertainment

March 21st, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

VKC 261

       Come this Tuesday for guest speaker Kalai Chik, a marketing analyst at Disney. Kalai entered the entertainment industry right after graduation in 2015. Not only does she have a day job working for in analytics for the Walt Disney Company, she is a part of several internal and external empowerment projects. Within Disney, she is part of Women @ Disney, a female empowerment group that seeks to help women sharpen their competitive advantage, as well as Women in Studio Technology, and Disney LGBT Pride. Outside of Disney, she writes for Asia Pacific Arts, an online news outlet focusing on worldwide Asian entertainment, a member of the USC Young Asian Alumni, and works as a Japanese to English translator.
At Disney, Kalai uses industry leading tools to address business questions in the entertainment realm. In this talk, Kalai will share her example cases about how analytics and data science answers big business questions in the entertainment industry. She will have a Q&A session after the talk and will be giving advice on diving into a new industry after college.

*Dinner will be provided!*

ASA Datafest!

April 21st to 23rd

Chapman University

ASC is going to the ASA Datafest at Chapman University this year! Our club members will compete against 5 other schools in the southern California area, for titles such as best visualization, best use of external data, and best insight.

Members have been sorted into teams of 5, and USC ASC is sending 5 teams over for a total of 25 students representing our school. Best of luck members!

Research Project Colloquium

April 25th, 6:30pm to 8:00pm

VKC 251

Come to ASC’s research project colloquium! Our members have been working hard on independent research projects this semester, applying their analytical and statistical skills on real-world datasets in topics ranging from climate change to health disparities by sociological factors! This is a great opportunity to not only see data analytics in action, but also to observe the process from start to finish, and what problems arise when dealing with raw, natural data. There will be a collection of presentations followed by a Q&A at the end. Come drop if you’re interested in possible research opportunities in the future; we will host more projects like this next year! Free food will be provided!

Fall 2016 Semester:




Information Session


R Workshop: Introduction to R


Networking: Deloitte Consulting Info Session


Networking: Ernst & Young Info Session


SoCal Data Science Conference


R Workshop: Data Cleaning & data.table


Excel Workshop: Basics in Excel


Networking: Amazon 1-on-1 Recruiting


R Workshop: Graphing and Data Reshaping


Networking: Facebook Info Session


JMP Workshop: Data Visualization & Modeling


USC’s Annual Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition


R Workshop: Regression Models


ASC Social Night

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