2015-2016 Alumni


only formal pic i have (1)Andrew Valsamaki

Andrew is a senior, joint majoring in Mathematics and Economics with a minor in Business Finance. Last summer, he interned at a commercial real estate firm. Andrew is interested in pursuing a career where he can merge finance and data analytics. At USC, Andrew is also the president of the Business Technology Networking Group. He is organizing USC’s Datathon and the second USC App Development.

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Bradley Rava

Bradley is a senior majoring in Applied Mathematics who will be returning this fall term from the London School of Economics. While at the LSE Bradley founded the LSESU Applicable Maths Society and interned in the analytics department at Swoon Editions. This upcoming summer he will be interning in Washington DC as part of the Litigation Analytics Department at Summit Consulting. On the more mathematical side, Bradley has also done and presented on research in Knot Theory and Topological Data Analysis.
During his first year at ASC he participated in Datafest where his team was able to win the Best Insight Award. The applicable sides of maths excite Bradley the most and after his senior year he plans on moving on to graduate school with a focus on statistical applications in economics with the intention of making a career as a data scientist. This year Bradley hopes to help ASC bridge the gap between theory and practice of statistics as well as helping make its members competitive and successful data scientists.

Chris FunakiChris Funaki
Senior VP of Operations

Chris Funaki is a senior from Portland, Oregon majoring in Economics and Business Administration with a minor in Computer Programming. He developed an interest in statistics and data science through his involvement in ASC during his sophomore year and has been heavily involved ever since. In spring 2014 his ASC team competed in UCLA’s Datafest and won the award for Best Insight. Chris also loves to play and watch soccer in his free time. As a result, his career goal is to become a data analyst who focuses on analyzing soccer. This upcoming summer he will be interning in Washington DC as part of the Applied Statistics and Economics department at Summit Consulting.

TinaHuangTina Huang
VP of External Affairs

Tina is  a senior who is double majoring in Business and Applied Mathematics. She is an ASC consultant, Alpha Zeta consultant, and previously interned at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Professionally, she would like to go into management consulting. If you are interested in a certain industry or topic, let her know and she will try to invite speakers in that field.

ASC PicPeter Simon
VP of External Affairs

Peter is a senior majoring in Business Administration, with a specialization in Video Game Design and Management and a certificate in Forecasting. Last summer he had an internship for a start up in a venture capital incubator program where he provided industry analysis and begun a predictive model for price. He is interested in learning more about enterprise data architecture and hopes to advance those skills upon graduating and joining the workforce.

SarahSarah Wu
VP of Public Relations

Sarah, a junior majoring in business and computer science, hopes to work on Wall Street or run a Ponzi scheme someday. She joined ASC to further her experience with statistical programs and to network with other like-minded data scientists. Sarah also interned this summer with Innovus Advisors, worked as a Java teaching assistant for SC Scholars’ Summer Camp, and has past experience working at Hippo Animation in Shanghai. She is currently also involved with APASS as the PEER Coordinator for 2016-2017.

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