Gavin Michaels



Gavin is a senior at the University of Southern California studying Industrial Systems Engineering and Computer Science. His interests include the influence on advanced data analysis in sports and politics. He has worked in Dornsife’s SPEC Lab, focusing on Arctic power projections, since Spring 2016.

Grace Xu
Vice President


Grace is a junior majoring in Business Administration and double minoring in Applied Analytics and Statistics. She led the IPE data resource team on campus and last summer interned as a data analyst at a small data science consulting firm. This summer, she is signed up to work at Nielsen, a large market research firm as a marketing analyst. Since her freshman year, she has competed in and won 3 data science competitions, including American Statistical Association’s Datafest, and the USC Marshall Data Analytics Competition.

Anthony Ramos
VP of Technical Affairs

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Tony studied Pure Mathematics and Computer Science as an undergraduate and is currently pursuing a Master degree in Computer Science at USC. He was a research assistant in the Networked Democracy Lab where he worked on web scraping news articles for a study on news consumption in the US and Germany. Last summer he worked at FabFitFun, a LA based subscription box working on analytics for their influencer marketing team. This summer he will be joining Second Measure, an analytics platform that measures consumer trends using credit card transaction. Tony hopes to make workshops as fun, engaging, and informative as possible.

Yvonne Zhu
VP of Competitions



Yvonne is a junior majoring in Applied Mathematics, with a minor in Business Finance. She is currently a Data Governance intern at Ares Management and a Research Assistant for TILES project at ISI. Yvonne would like to work in the finance industry with an emphasis on data analysis and machine learning. She is thrilled to meet new members of ASC.

Therese Hope Ong
VP of Internal Affairs



Therese is a junior majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Applied Analytics. Last summer, she interned as a Summer Associate at a Consulting firm in the Philippines. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career that involves the intersection of Data Analytics and Consulting. Outside of school, she enjoys trying out new restaurants, going to bazaars, and engaging in discussions about psychology, philosophy, and productivity. She is very excited to meet and learn with the ASC members of Fall 2018!

Taylor Dufour
VP of External Affairs

Taylor is a junior majoring in Economics/Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science.  She is a co-lead research assistant at the USC Security and Political Economy Lab on campus.  There she leads the Facebook Team. In past semesters she has used data science to tabulate conflicts in the South China Sea. Over the summer she did FX Research for JP Morgan Chase and worked with machine learning strategies.

Jolene Liu
Officer of Technical Affairs

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Jolene Liu is a senior and Progressive Degree Program Master’s student of Industrial & Systems Engineering. Jolene once designed and submitted a 15-page proposal for a guacamole emoji which was ultimately rejected. She is interested in business analytics and financial engineering. She also looks forward to connecting with ASC members through club events and workshops.

Alicia Kuang
Officer of External Affairs

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Alicia is a sophomore majoring in Mathematics and Economics with a minor in Applied Analytics. Over summer, she worked as a research assistant to HBS on how digitalization shapes the way firms decide on their strategic positioning and how they compete. This semester, she will be working as a research assistant in the Security and Political Economy lab on the IPE team.


Neilay Shahi
Officer of Internal Affairs

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Neilay Shahi is a sophomore majoring in Applied Math and minoring in Computer Science. He is interested in the applications of data science/analytics to political science and is currently a research assistant in the Political Science Department.


Henry Jiao
Officer of External Affairs

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 2.20.38 PM



Henry is a junior majoring in Quantitative Biology. He plans to pursue a M.S. in Statistics through the Progressive Degree Program at USC in hopes of becoming a data scientist. Currently, Henry works in the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology in Dr. Cohen’s laboratory researching processes related to aging, neurodegeneration, cancer, and diabetes by analyzing mitochondrial-derived peptides using data science. On the side, Henry enjoys video games, exploring nature, and listening to music. He hopes to be able to bring a wide variety of influential speakers to ASC.

Ethan Wilkerson
Officer of Marketing

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Ethan is a sophomore majoring in Applied Math and minoring in Applied Analytics and English. He has a strong interest in the applications of data to sports and healthcare.



Sherry Cai
Officer of Competitions

Sherry Cai is currently a junior double-majoring in accounting and economics at USC. Born in China, Sherry later moved to Texas. The diverse background fostered Sherry’s cultural literacy and  open-mindedness. She works as the event planning chair at Chinese English Language Exchange(CELE). To supplement her career pursuits, she was actively involved in USC Accounting Society and Trojan Investing Society. Sherry is also a committee member of the accounting school’s honor council, wherein she upholds academic integrity together with the rest of the panel.

Zijing Marc Wu
Officer of External Affairs

Marc is an industrial & systems engineering major with a business finance minor in his sophomore year. He is passionate about data science, M&A and dancing. Other than ASC, you can find him also in Break Through and CSA.