Grace Xu


Grace is a senior majoring in Business Administration and double minoring in Applied Analytics and Statistics. She led the IPE data resource team on campus and 2 summers ago interned as a data analyst at a small data science consulting firm. Last summer, she worked at Nielsen, a large market research firm as a marketing analyst. After graduation, she is signed on to continue with Nielsen. Since her freshman year, she has competed in and won 3 data science competitions, including American Statistical Association’s Datafest, and the USC Marshall Data Analytics Competition.

Alicia Kuang
Co-VP of Internal Affairs

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Alicia is a junior majoring in Mathematics and Economics with a minor in Applied Analytics. Over summer, she worked as a research assistant to HBS on how digitalization shapes the way firms decide on their strategic positioning and how they compete. This semester, she will be working as a research assistant in the Security and Political Economy lab on the IPE team.


Ethan Wilkerson
Co-VP of Internal Affairs

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Ethan is a sophomore majoring in Applied Math and minoring in Applied Analytics and English. He has a strong interest in the applications of data to sports and healthcare.