About USC Data Science Club


The Data Science Club (DSC) is a student organization bringing the field of statistics, analytics, and data science to the University of Southern California. By providing training workshops, networking events, recruiting sessions, and other opportunities for our members, ASC helps keep you up to date with the fast-moving world of data!


Industry Exposure

DSC is the primary USC student organization focusing on providing in-depth exposure to opportunities in statistics, analytics, and data science through contact with industry leaders and research professionals. To take advantage of the currently exploding demand for analytics talent, attend one of our many speaker events this year, featuring guests from:

  • USC Faculty
  • Google Analytics
  • KPMG
  • Accenture
Hands-On Experience

We provide members with resources, tools, and experience in deriving insights from data to solve important problems. Our Data Analysis Case Workshop series teach statistical inference and computing skills that help you stand out among peers when it comes to recruiting. Many of these workshops will be in preparation for exciting competitions such as UCLA Datafest, where a team from our club has won for the past two years!


For information about joining the club, please see the membership section of the website.

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