2020-2021 Executive Board

Nianxu Wang


Nian is a senior in the Computer Science (Games) program. He’s worked for various USC departments in data-related projects and CP’d for various CS classes. As his major suggests, he loves playing and making games, both video and tabletop! He hopes to work in the entertainment industry in the future.

Pranav Jain

Senior Vice President

Our Senior VP Pranav Jain is a junior studying Applied Math and minoring in Computer Science. He is interested in Adtech and Data privacy. Catch him at USC’s annual data competition in the fall!

Robert Steele

Vice President of Technical Affairs

Robert is a Clinical Informatics researcher and NLP enthusiast. He is a published author in medical NLP and has worked with University of Colorado Health and Kaiser Permanente Southern California as a researcher and analyst. Last summer he interned at Vulcan Value Partners as a Data Science Intern, building out a summarization framework. He is passionate about Data Science education and is excited to bring new people into the field.

Samantha Zhang

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Samantha is a Junior double-majoring in Applied Math and International Relations. She has spent the past two summers interning in data at The New York Times and RoadGoat, a travel startup company, and is most interested in using numbers to address social issues. On campus, she is a Dornsife Ambassador, Peaks & Professors Trip Lead, and Co-Chair of Trojan Scholars Society.

Skylar Kim

Officer of External Affairs

Skylar Kim is a sophomore studying Computer Science. She has interned as a technical research and development intern focusing on robotics over the summer. In her free time, she likes to watch films, do makeup, and play video games.

Norton Kishi

Officer of Technical Affairs

Norton is a junior majoring in electrical engineering. He likes watching tennis in his free time. He is interested in the electronics and technology industries.

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