2021-2022 Executive Board

Pranav Jain


Our President Pranav Jain is a Senior studying Applied Math and minoring in Computer Science. He is interested in Adtech and Data privacy. Catch him at USC’s annual data competition in the fall!

Aryan Chowdhury

Senior Vice President

Aryan Chowdhury is currently a junior majoring in Applied Math and minoring in Computer Science. Through DSC, academics, and side projects/internships, Aryan has enjoyed the intersection of mathematics with data analytics, Blockchain, and machine learning. Outside class, you will either catch him on the basketball courts or spending time with friends exploring the beaches and mountains of LA.

Micaela Mengen

Senior Vice President

Micaela Mengen is a junior double majoring in Data Science and International Relations Global Business. She is currently a Tech Marketing Intern at a technology and business consulting firm. In her free time she likes to go to the gym, hang out with friends, and learn more about data science!

Samantha Zhang


Our Advisor Samantha Zhang is a senior double-majoring in Applied Mathematics and International Relations Global Economy. She has held internships in data at The New York Times and Spotify, and is interested in the applications of numbers to improve products and spur impact. Outside of Data Science Club, she is a Dornsife Ambassador and Peaks & Professors Trip Lead.

Annie Chang

Co-VP of Internal Affairs

Annie Chang is a sophomore studying Applied Mathematics and minoring in 3D Computer Graphics. She is passionate about using numbers to convey information visually. Along with data science, she is interested in design and illustration, and is also on e-board for AIGA USC.

Nishi Chintalapudi

Co-VP of Internal Affairs

Hi, my name is Nishi. I’m originally from Aurora, IL! I’m a senior at USC studying Computer Science and Business Administration. I worked with data science during my internship this past summer and I really enjoyed it because I love math and analytics!

Darian Ahmadizadeh

Co-VP of External Affairs

Darian Ahmadizadeh is a freshman double majoring in Data Science and Economics. Darian is very interested in the various applications of data, specifically in real estate. Outside of academics, Darian enjoys playing tennis, watching Ozark on Netflix, and eating Persian food. 

Nikhil Patel

Co-VP of External Affairs

Nikhil Patel is a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics. Through internships with Carl Zeiss Meditec and Amazon, Nikhil has been passionate about exploring the field of data science. In his free time he likes to cook, read, and play trumpet.

Arjun Mitra

Co-VP of Technical Affairs

Arjun Mitra is a senior studying Computer Science and Business Administration. He has developed an aptitude for data analytics and machine learning through his projects and internships. In his free time, he likes to watch movies and soccer.

Nikita Goes

Co-VP of Technical Affairs

Prashant Singh

Co-VP of Technical Affairs

Prashant is first year graduate student in Computer Science at University of Southern California. He also has 4+ years of experience in building scalable solutions using Java, python and computer vision at SAP. He also bores people about TV show recommendations and thinks deeply about technology.

Yixiao Li

Co-VP of Competitions

Yixiao Li is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. She is interested in machine learning and statistics. Her previous experience in data science includes conducting data-analysis in several research projects. In the free time, as a sports person, she also loves skateboard.

Catherine Lin

Co-VP of Competitions

 Hi! My name is Catherine Lin. I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration. I am passionate about data, digital design, and product related fields. My previous experience in data science includes the product and analyst internship during the past summer. In my free time, I also love photography and traveling! 

Cici Chang

Co-VP of Competitions

I’m Cici Chang, a junior majoring in Industrial and System Engineering and minoring Mobile App Development. I’m currently a research assistant working on building prediction models for COVID-19 cases. I’m very into photography, design, bowling, patting dogs, and working on projects that incorporate art and technology.

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